What Is A Liquid Nose Job?

What Is A Liquid Nose Job?

Right now, there are more non-surgical cosmetic procedures available than ever before, reaching clients who don’t want to go under the knife. You know about lip fillers and microneedling, but have you heard of the liquid nose job? 

Also called nonsurgical rhinoplasty or liquid rhinoplasty, the liquid nose job is a great way to include this part of your face in your aesthetic goals without requiring surgery. What can you expect from this procedure?


What Is A Liquid Nose Job?

nose jobA liquid nose job is a non-invasive alternative to a traditional nose job. It can temporarily solve problems like small bumps (also called dorsal humps), drooping nasal tips, and all kinds of asymmetry. The procedure sees the cosmetic nurse injecting fillers made with hyaluronic acid into a patient’s nose. They will strategically inject the filler in spots to reshape the nose and improve contours. It’s why you should trust a professional who knows the nose when booking an appointment!

You may recognize hyaluronic acid as the same filler used in most lip fillers. It’s an effective, safe way to get beautiful results that used to be limited to invasive surgery.



What Are The Pros Of A Liquid Nose Job? 

There are many reasons why more people are turning to liquid nose jobs than other solutions. Most liquid rhinoplasty procedures take no more than 15 minutes. It’s a lot faster than the usual 1 – 4 hours of surgical rhinoplasty, and the results are immediate. 

It also means that there is a short recovery time. Someone having the procedure done may even be able to return to their routine that very day (talk to the cosmetic nurse, though, and do keep the remainder of the day free for potential recovery). Because there’s no anesthesia necessary, customers can spend the entire appointment awake. For some procedures, cosmetic nurses can even let the client hold a mirror during it, giving them more control over the results.

More to that point, the results are not permanent. When a cosmetic nurse uses hyaluronic acid, but the results aren’t exactly what the client is looking for, the nurse can inject hyaluronidase. It’s an enzyme that breaks down hyaluronic acid and dissolves the filler.


Am I The Ideal Candidate For A Liquid Nose Job? 

What Is A Liquid Nose Job?Liquid nose jobs are great for a wide variety of beauty goals. The best client for a liquid rhinoplasty appointment has small nasal bumps or a slightly droopy nose tip they would like to correct. The procedure is also ideal for correcting asymmetries along the center of the nose.

If you’re looking for permanent, drastic changes to your nose, you might not be the ideal candidate for nonsurgical procedures. It’s a procedure designed for aesthetic purposes only, not medical purposes. You’d need to turn to surgical rhinoplasty if you need larger structural changes to correct breathing problems.

In the United States, the liquid nose job is one of the five most popular cosmetic procedures, and the results are being shared widely on social media. With the rise of liquid nose job “before and afters” on Instagram, many spas and clinics are rushing to take advantage. Make sure to do your research and choose a cosmetic clinic with the certification and training necessary to deliver the injections safely and give you the best results!

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