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Exosome Hair Restoration

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Promising alternative to traditional methods.

Discover Exosome Hair Restoration, an advanced, non-surgical solution for hair regrowth. Utilising exosomes, rich in growth factors, this treatment rejuvenates hair follicles, encouraging growth and improving scalp health. It’s particularly effective for hair thinning, offering a promising alternative to traditional methods.

Administered directly to the scalp, this minimally invasive procedure is safe, with minimal downtime. Noticeable improvements are often seen within weeks.

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Frequently asked questions

What our clients want to know about Dermal Filler

Prior to your procedure, a full sanitization is completed to prepare for your visit.

I offer a numbing cream that will help protect your skin during the procedure.

I will also conduct a full medical history examination to ensure that the procedure is right for you.

Following your procedure, I will give you a list of recovery instructions. A free aftercare cream will be provided from Crushed Aftercare.

  • control over lip volume
  • reasonably lasting results
  • injections can be given gradually during different appointments until the desired results are achieved
  • take Vitamin K a couple of days before treatment
  • take arnica for 2-4 days leading up to your treatment and for 2 days after treatment
  • advise me of any medications you are taking regularly

It is best to avoid the following one week prior to filler injections:

  • advil or other blood thinning medications
  • alcohol, especially red wine
  • fish, fish oil supplements or omega 3 supplements
  • avoid vitamin E, and ginseng supplements

In a number of ways, fillers work to enhance the appearance of your lips. The therapy is simple, basically painless and extremely successful in making your lips full and supple.

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