Can You Get Botox For A Dimpled Chin?

Can You Get Botox For A Dimpled Chin?

The mouth is the most dynamic part of your face, and the muscles around it work hard whenever you talk, eat, or express emotions. It means that the skin around your mouth often shows signs of ageing faster than the rest of your face. One common sign is a dimpled chin, and Botox is an effective treatment for it!

When we use Botox on the chin area, we can erase signs of ageing, including dimpling. Read on to learn more about the causes of chin dimples and how you can rely on a professional Botox appointment to erase them!


What Causes Chin Dimples?


chin dimple is a recommended beauty treatment for lines and wrinkles caused by overly active facial muscles. The injections temporarily limit the movement of muscles underneath the layers of your skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles that form from smiling, laughing, eating, or anything else you do all the time. These can develop anywhere on your face, including the chin.

A dimpled chin often comes with the contraction of the mentalis muscle. The mentalis is a paired muscle at the tip of the chin, and it acts as the primary muscle of the lower lip. When the muscle pair contracts, it creates a dimpled, pebbly appearance sometimes compared to an orange peel (which is why, in French, it is called peau d’orange). 


How Does Botox Treatment For A Dimpled Chin Work?


While a chin-tox is quite simple, we need to prepare the patient’s skin with a thorough cleansing, after which we mark where we will be making the injections. It’s important not to place the Botox too laterally because that could weaken the labii inferioris muscle, a depressor that lowers the bottom lip. We can’t inject too close to the lip either, as this could weaken the orbicularis oris muscle surrounding the mouth that helps with eating, talking, and facial expression. 

Can You Get Botox For A Dimpled Chin?Once we have injected the Botox into the muscles, we apply light pressure to the area to prevent bruising. It may take several days to see an improvement in the appearance of the skin, as it can take some time for the injections to infiltrate the muscle.

Like on the rest of the face, Botox injections on the chin are considered low risk, and it’s a very safe procedure in the hands of a professional. You may experience some common side effects, including burning, numbness, and headache in the day following the injections. However, the recovery is minimal and you don’t need downtime to recover. 

If you see peau d’orange on your chin, having Botox injections is a non-invasive, convenient way of tackling these dimples. It will relax the area even when contracted, helping you face the world with more confidence!

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