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Cheek fillers produce a more youthful and natural appearance.

When injected correctly, cheek fillers can lift, contour, and shape the face to restore the natural appearance. Cheek fillers are cosmetic injectable substances that add volume to your face and encourage collagen growth.

Cheek fillers will add general volume to your face, in addition to their lifting effect. To lead to a more youthful look, well-placed cheek fillers may also reduce the appearance of certain wrinkles and fine facial lines.

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Frequently asked questions

What our clients want to know about Cheek Fillers

Dermal fillers are usually given under local anaesthetic, with the application of a pain-relieving ointment. The procedure takes approximately 30 minutes to complete, but if anti-pain ointment is used, you can expect an additional 20-30 minutes for this to wear off.

  • Position and fullness of your cheeks.
  • Facial symmetry.
  • Smoother under-eye area.
  • Improved cheek contours.
  • Less prominent fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Slimmer face contour.

Cheek filler injections are considered a non-invasive procedure.

After surgery, there is virtually no downtime and most people are able to quickly resume their normal day-to-day activities.
Depending on your situation, I may recommend that you avoid strenuous exercise and reduce your sunlight exposure. You may be asked not to press or massage the skin around the injection site. For best results, it is necessary to always obey all instructions exactly as directed.

You are an excellent candidate for dermal fillers if you both have fine lines and wrinkles and want to look younger. Contact me and I will complete an assessment to determine if this is the right service for you.

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