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Subscription Packages

Discover the perfect subscription to elevate your skincare routine! Our carefully crafted packages are tailored to meet your aesthetic needs. Each package contains all the essential modalities to kickstart your journey towards healthy, glowing skin. Commit to your self-care routine with Hope Cosmetics and enjoy six months of top-quality treatments at an unbeatable price! Say goodbye to hefty upfront costs as we have opted for a  monthly payment model to suit your budgeting needs. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to transform your skin. Subscribe now and experience the ultimate in skincare luxury! For our platinum members, you can take advantage too! Elevate your monthly  facial, and reach your goals faster. Unsure which subscription is the best option for you? 

Anti-Aging Subscription

What is offered:

  • Alumier Rejuvenation Kit 
  • 3 PRP Microneedling
  • 50U of Neurotoxins 
  • Cheek Augmentation
  • 3 Forma Treatments  

Acne Inflamed Subscription

What is offered:

  • Acne Cleanser, BPO Gel, Hydra Clarite
  • 3 Chemical Peels
  • 1 Microneedling
  • 1 Oxygeneo Balance 

Acne Non-Inflamed Subscription

What is offered:

  • Purify Gel Cleanser, Acne Serum, Hyda Clarite
  • 3 Chemical Peels 
  • 1 Microneedling
  • 1 IPL
  • 1 Oxygeneo Balance

Rosacea Subscription

What is offered:

  • Rosacea Kit 
  • Enzymatic Peel or AHA Serum 
  • 3 IPL
  • 2 Renew 30 Chemical Peel 
  • 1 PRP Microneedling

Melasma Subscription

What is offered:

  • Brightening Collection + Bright & Clear
  • 3 Microneedling 
  • 3 Chemical Peels 

Brightening Subscription

What is offered:

  • Brightening Collection + Bright and Clear 
  • 3 IPL
  • 3 Peels

At Hope Cosmetics, we strive to offer cutting-edge beauty services in a safe and professional manner. The technologies we use can help to smooth wrinkles and lines, as well as to achieve a complexion that absolutely glows.

During our initial consultation, we will offer educational advice to ensure that you make an informed decision about your beauty treatment and goals. We will work with you to develop a treatment plan customized to you and your individual needs.

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Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine

Date of completion: May 17, 2020 Vascular Complications - Post Filler Injections. Awarded one CME credit from the Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine.

BARBICIDE® Covid 19 Certification

Date of completion: May 12, 2020 This individual has completed the BARBICIDE® Covid-19 Certification for the Professional Beauty Industry training.

BARBICIDE® Certification

Date of completion: May 12, 2020 This individual has received training and understanding of proper sanitation and disinfection practices and procedures with the current highest standards.

APT injectable training certificate of completion

Date of completion February 2020 Hope Jacobs, RN. has successfully completed practical training for the use of Botulinum Toxin Type A Cosmetic Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

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