How Does Professional Botox Treatment Fix And Target Smokers' Lines?

How Does Professional Botox Treatment Fix And Target Smokers’ Lines?

If you’ve had enough of the lines forming above your lips – most commonly referred to as “smokers’ lines” – you’ll find a proper solution at Hope Cosmetics. Our professional Botox injection services give you a safe, cost-effective, non-surgical solution to the lines and wrinkles associated with ageing, and that includes smokers’ lines. How could our professional services work for you?

What Are Smokers’ Lines?

How Does Professional Botox Treatment Fix And Target Smokers' Lines?Contrary to what the name suggests, you won’t only find smokers’ lines on people who smoke – they develop around the mouth because of the puckering of the lips, of which smoking a cigarette is a common cause. However, anyone with an expressive face tends to have more wrinkles in these areas, which also gives them the name “dynamic wrinkles” or “the barcode.” 

Smokers’ lines form around the mouth the same way as lines on the forehead or around the eyes – they are mainly caused by muscle movement. They have the appearance of a series of thin vertical lines running perpendicular to the demarcation between the lip and your adjacent normal skin called the vermillion border. It’s a spot that loses its dynamism as we age, and you may first notice them as your lipstick bleeds above the lip into these lines – giving them yet another name, “lipstick lines.”

Regardless of how you name them, take care of smokers’ lines with an appointment for Botox treatment at Hope Cosmetics. How would we treat this sensitive area, and how effective is Botox?


How Do Professional Botox Treatments Target Smokers’ Lines?

How Does Professional Botox Treatment Fix And Target Smokers' Lines?Most experts agree that neuromodulator injections like Botox treatments are the ideal solutions for filling these lines and enhancing the vermilion border. It’s a way of relaxing muscle movement and tension around the mouth, making a noticeable difference. 

To help relieve smokers’ lines, we will inject three to four Botox units above the top lip to decrease vertical lip lines. The results are fair and thus usually done in conjunction with other treatments. Slight temporary weakness of the lip muscles can occur. Some of the effects of Botox treatments are visible almost immediately, but for most patients, there’s a slight waiting period; the positive results on smokers’ lines can take up to two weeks to be noticeable, with these effects lasting anywhere from two to four months.

At Hope Cosmetics, Registered Nurse Hope Jacobs brings the proper training to provide professional services for Botulinum Toxin Type A Cosmetic Hyaluronic Acid Fillers. Your appointment will be over in minutes, and you’ll feel comfortable and relaxed the entire time. She is fully certified to complete these injections and other skin procedures, beginning every appointment with an assessment of the skin to evaluate which option is best for you!

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