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What Is A Botox Lip Flip?

These days it seems that whatever you’re looking for, there’s a quick and innovative procedure to get you on track towards it. Introducing the lip flip, the hottest new filler-free solution for a perfect pout. All Botox treatments come with their pros and cons, so here are some quick FAQs about what a Botox lip flip involves.

What is It?


Lip flapAs the name of this procedure suggests, a lip flip is a treatment that “flips” part of your lip outward, adding definition to your upper lip and resulting in the appearance of naturally fuller lips without adding volume. Botox injections relax facial muscles and are used cosmetically to sculpt, plump, and create a more youthful appearance. A small amount of Botox is injected along the muscle of the upper lip, turning your smile upwards and adding depth to your face.


How Long Does It Take?


In the hands of a certified medical esthetician, a Botox lip flip takes less than an hour. Allow your muscles time to adjust, and the full results of your first treatment will be visible after one week. The results last a shorter period of time than a lip injection, so you can test drive the appearance of fuller lips before committing to it.


Why Should I Get One?


We’ve discussed a few of the benefits in brief, but we must stress how flexible the process is. The results of a lip flip are temporary, lasting around 3 months at a time, so it’s a quick and relatively painless solution if you have an important photo-op coming up and want to project a bit more “oomph.”

A flipped lip toes the line between natural and immaculate, a subtle yet dazzling effect that can change your face’s silhouette. If you’re looking for that certain extra something, consult with your local experts; the Botox lip flip might be for you.


What Should I Beware Of?


What is a botox lip flip?When dealing with Botox injections, be mindful that you will be receiving injections in your facial muscles. If you are a professor or performer, or if your daily life just involves a lot of speaking, consider that your mouth may need time to adjust to the results of the procedure. Even without lip filler, the changes to your lip’s muscle will in turn change how you speak, drink water, and apply makeup. Have patience with yourself and start slow until you reach your desired look.

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