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An Ampoule can revitalize the skin with mere drops of ampoule solution. With higher concentrations of beneficial ingredients, an ampoule can supercharge your skin. In a short period of time, the ampoule is absorbed into the skin to improve signs of various skin conditions. The Cure Ampoule can target specific skin issues in order to improve dryness, discolouration, dark spots and more.

At Hope Cosmetics, we want our clients to look and feel their best. That’s why we offer services that are customized to your skincare needs. Our selection of Ampoules and Hydrogel Face Masks targets specific skin concerns, such as dull, acne-prone, or aging skin. While leaving your skin feeling refreshed and hydrated.

Ampoules and hydrogel face masks services london ontario

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Frequently asked questions

What our clients want to know about Hydrogel Masks

These masks are designed to infuse nutrients into your skin over an extended period of time. Each mask is unique and absorbs into the skin when used. Prior to the application, the face will be cleansed and patted dry. Next, the mask will be dispensed into distilled water in a sanitized container. The application takes 15 minutes.

  • Hydrating, high moisture content.
  • Premium ingredients.
  • Quick and easy application. 
  • Purifies skin.

If you are searching for a non-invasive, safe, and pain-free facial treatment, hydrogel masks are a perfect choice.

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