Dermal filler

Dermal Filler Trends for 2022

This new year is full of new opportunities to make yourself into the best “you” you can be! Thanks to TikTok and Instagram, we’ve seen a lot of cool new non-invasive dermal procedures take off in 2021. That little extra something makes all the difference. Below are 3 hot dermal fillers to ask your aesthetician about in the new year!

Under Eye Filler


Dermal fillerIs the skin under your eyes stubbornly sallow in spite of your devoted applications of colour correction makeup and eye creams? Under eye filler might be what you’re looking for. Using hyaluronic acid, a filler that is very gentle on the thin skin and tissue around the eye, your aesthetician can give you a vivid, youthful look that can be likened to a concealer you never have to reapply or wash off.

The treated areas will swell, as can be expected from most filler treatments, but swelling dies down within three days. If you change your mind and decide you aren’t a fan of the look, another excellent feature of the under eye filler is that it can be reversed by applying an enzyme called Hyalase.


Cheek Fillers


Some women are concerned about having too much of a “baby face” and will have some cheek fat removed for a more contoured look, but sharp cheeks and dramatic shading don’t work for everyone. In fact, cheek fillers have escalated in popularity recently. Rounded features create a cherubic silhouette with lots of room to play around with  may just be the next big thing.

Cheek filler treatments can sculpt your face into one that appears both angelic and naturally gorgeous. Just like with under eye fillers, the most common fillers used in this treatment are intended to plump up low-volume areas.


Botox Lip Flip


Dermal fillerIf you’re curious about your options for achieving fuller lips, a lip flip is a great way to see how you’ll look with them! The results of a Botox lip flip are seen sooner than those from an injection and they fade after around 3 months, so you can test drive the appearance of fuller lips before committing.

Because of its temporary nature, the lip flip is a brilliant little trick for special occasions. Take weddings, for example, or a spring break getaway. You’ll stand apart from the crowd in every photo op. The look will add just enough plumpness to your pout that the procedure could easily be mistaken for your own natural beauty.

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